What a year in prospect, every new thread of online discovery adds more fuel to the fire. The big developments in 2014 for me were discovering Twitter (as a professional research, CPD, ideas sharing and networking tool) and preparing for / starting a new job.

I can’t wait to get stuck into our new ‘Teaching for Artistic Behaviour’ (TAB) approach and ‘Choice-Based Art Curriculum’ with Key Stage 3 next week (Find out more at #TABchat & http://teachingforartisticbehavior.org/ ). I’m in the middle of a longer blog post about this, which will go live in the next few days, the aim is to regularly blog about this as it develops. In short, the aim is to better equip students for an ever evolving world by using growth mindsets and making the most of flipped learning opportunities. Through choice we hope to more deeply engage students with their work and better connect them to shifting trends and approaches. We are also hoping to use augmented reality to grow student production of online content, which should enhance peer to peer learning and leadership skills.

With all these new discoveries and the time that can be absorbed researching / developing, I also aim to be mindful of the right life balance. My family would probably say that I spend too much time reading from a screen outside of work, so I will be subscribing to #teachers5aday http://martynreah.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/teacher5aday/.

That said my mind has just been blown by @CReAMfp7 #creJAM who’s report is full of exciting things for the future http://t.co/EC0f9bksvT.

Thankyou for everything 2014… here’s to an amazing 2015!


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