Art Explorers & The Art Index

Our ‘Choice Based Art Curriculum’, which we are now calling ‘Art Exporers’, kicked off last week by introducing three driving questions:

Week 1 focused on the first of these questions ‘what types of Art are there?’ through the launch of ‘The Art Index’ which generated lots of excitement!


We are lucky enough to have virtually 1 to 1 iPad use in our school, so the students then broke off into research teams to explore the list of Art movements and identify their favourites. Homework was to produce presentations on their favourite 3 movements, describing them in the form of a ‘tweet’. The thinking behind the ‘tweet’ was to avoid copying and pasting from Wikipedia, encouraging succinct answers in 140 characters. It was amazing to see faces light up at the mention of a hashtag with my example :

“#PopArt celebrates and questions popular culture, advertising & the media. 3 key artists are: @AndyWarhol @RoyLichtenstein @PeterBlake”

Looking forward to seeing the results.


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